Driving growth and performance with sustainable methods


RECARO Aircraft Seating, Germany


This pilot program completely digitizes the FAIs and CSIs certification process at RECARO Aircraft Seating headquarters by swapping out the paper system with iPads. This significantly saves time and reduces sources of error that can otherwise occur when photos are captured and mapped separately. 

RECARO Aircraft Seating, Americas


The RECARO Aircraft Seating Americas site has partnered with a company to prevent 50 tons of waste being sent to a landfill annually by mixing the waste with coal and burning it as fuel for a cement factory. The remaining ash is added into the cement mixture (no waste). This initiative reduces CO2 emissions and coal usage. 

RECARO Aircraft Seating, China


In the effort to promote an eco friendly environment and reduce waste, our APAC site supported Peach Aviation in creating new value through upcycling of leather cutoffs from the dress cover production for RECARO‘s SL3510 seats. Together with Oshima Tsumugi fragments, a traditional woven silk fabric, Peach Aviation developed original merchandise, such as card cases, coin purses, keyholders or multi-purpose cases with the excess leather material.

RECARO Aircraft Seating, Germany


We are proud to highlight a valued part of our sustainability efforts at our Schwäbisch Hall site: the RECARO Bees and their wildflower meadow. This initiative underlines our commitment to biodiversity and has created an oasis for bees and pollinators. The result of the work of our bee population is a selection of premium, locally produced honey that makes our commitment to the environment tangible and represents how sweet it can “bee” at RECARO.

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