Integration of sustainable practices into all levels of the supply chain


A cohesive approach


We aim to collaborate with suppliers and safeguard the supply of resources while looking through a sustainable lens. The criteria we follow in choosing new suppliers or continuing a relationship with an existing one is highly standardized due to our quality management. These standards are fully integrated into the regular decision-making processes.

Sustainably sourced materials


Cultivating a sustainable supply chain helps extend the lifecycle of our seat products. From the composite materials used in our CL6720 to the articulating seat pan in the CL3710, RECARO is committed to selecting sustainable suppliers that contribute resources of the highest quality.

Team Leader Supplier Development

Anja Rumez

“We are actively supporting and refining our suppliers through the RECARO sustainability KPIs so that our supply chain is sufficiently prepared for what is next. Through future queries in supplier audits, we have the opportunity to push for a shift in thinking on the part of suppliers from a sustainability perspective.”