Worldwide production sets new records

Highly efficient manufacturing network at Recaro Aircraft Seating

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. Recaro Aircraft Seating produced more than 10,000 seats worldwide in November 2010. The company's international manufacturing network expects to set a new record for the year with a total of 70,000 units.

“We set a new record in November with more than 10,000 seats manufactured at our production sites in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, Swiebodzin, Poland, and Fort Worth/Dallas in the USA. This places us in an excellent position based on an industry comparison,” reports Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Operations Officer responsible for research & development, purchasing, production and quality. “The high production numbers are driven by the huge demand for Recaro economy class seats from international airlines.”

Recaro in Schwaebisch Hall manufactured 6,000 seats in November – a new production record. Total production at the company's plant in Germany is expected to exceed 30,000 units by the end of 2010. Nearly 20,000 seats will be manufactured this year at the company's plant in the U.S. Production in Poland is also expected to reach close to 20,000 units. “The development at our production site in Swiebodzin is remarkable,” says Hiller. Recaro employees in Poland launched production operations in 2006 with a mere 180 seats. By the end of this year, total production at the plant is expected to reach 50,000 seats. “Our customers value the adherence to delivery schedules and the high quality of the products,” says Hiller. Aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing have authorized the plant to handle source inspection, which means that Recaro employees in Poland are permitted to issue final approval of the seats prior to shipment. Airbus has also chosen the plant for its “direct delivery” program. Seats produced in Swiebodzin are supplied for a complete aircraft in a precisely defined time window for just-in-sequence installation at the Airbus hangar in Hamburg.

The highly efficient Recaro Aircraft Seating international production network will continue growing: “We want to maintain the current production volume at our main plant in Schwaebisch Hall where we launch our new seat programs. We plan to gradually increase production capacity at our plants in Poland and the USA,” says Hiller. “We have started a third production line at our factory in Swiebodzin.”

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