Win-win situation for Lufthansa and passengers

BL3520 from Recaro Aircraft Seating: Lightweight, spaceoptimized seating comfort

Frankfurt am Main/Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. Lightweight, slim, comfortable: The new Basic Line 3520 economy class seat developed by Recaro Aircraft Seating for the new Lufthansa European cabin implements hightech German engineering to lower costs – without sacrificing quality and passenger comfort. This is made possible by intelligent designs, patented solutions, and the integration of scientific research. More than 180 aircraft in the Lufthansa short- and medium-range fleet will be retrofitted with 32,000 Recaro seats by the end of 2011.

“We focused on three key characteristics in the development of the new BL3520 seat. Our aim was to make the seat lighter and more comfortable than the previous model while giving passengers more living space. At the same time, we paid close attention to the product quality and attractive design. We wanted the seat to be a genuine Recaro,” explains Recaro Aircraft Seating CEO Axel Kahsnitz. “And we succeeded! The BL3520 is a win-win situation for Lufthansa and the airline's passengers.”

Recaro Aircraft Seating managed to significantly reduce the weight of each seat unit to less than eleven kilograms – making it about 30 percent lighter than the previous model. The BL3520 helps the airline lower costs by reducing fuel consumption. This results in less CO2 emissions and essentially contributes to environmental sustainability.

The weight reduction was achieved by combining high-tech materials with intelligent design. Recaro engineers developed the seat components based on bionic calculations to maximize weight reduction. Instead of conventional foam, an innovative netting material is integrated into the backrest core to significantly reduce thickness. The result is a slimmer backrest profile that is also much lighter. New materials are also used in the seat divider, which is made from a modern, lightweight alloy.

The BL3520 is not only lighter. One of the key features of the new seat is that it offers passengers more living space. This is made possible by patented Recaro solutions, including a higher literature pocket positioned above the tray table instead of in the knee area. This gives passengers more room even when the seat pitch is reduced. “Even tall passengers do not have to worry about feeling cramped,” Kahsnitz explains.

In the severe competition between airlines, comfort plays a strategic role. “Premium airlines like Lufthansa want to offer their customers the very best – even on short-haul flights,” says Kahsnitz. “We have vastly improved the comfort and ergonomic features of the BL3520. Lightweight construction, a slim profile and an extremely comfortable seat are anything but contradictory terms.” To achieve this, Recaro Aircraft Seating relied on scientific research. Working in cooperation with universities, the company conducted studies on optimum backrest contours. “This is the first time scientific research has been carried out in this field and is unique in our industry,” says Kahsnitz. The results of these representative studies have been fully implemented into the new backrest design.

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