Ultralight aircraft seat for Air France

Less weight, more comfort: Recaro SL3510

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany/Paris, France. Air France will become the first airline to implement a new seat model produced by Recaro Aircraft Seating. As from January 30, 2010, this seat will gradually be introduced on Air France’s domestic fleet of Airbus A319s, A320s and A321s. Weighing only 9.1 kilograms, the Smart Line 3510 is the lightest economy class seat currently available on the market. Yet it offers passengers more legroom and comfort than comparable products. Aircraft seat developer and manufacturer Recaro received the industry's Crystal Cabin Award 2009 for the innovation.

"The SL3510, which was jointly developed by Air France and Recaro, is currently the lightest and most comfortable seat in the segment for short-range flights up to four hours", says Recaro Aircraft Seating CEO Axel Kahsnitz. The company will initially supply 6,000 passenger seats to the airline. These units will be sed in a conversion program for 37 Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.

Seat is 40 percent lighter – reduces per-year jet fuel consumption by 1,700 tons
"The SL3510 is specifically designed to meet the needs of shortrange flight operations," Axel Kahsnitz explains. "Airlines have high standards when it comes to seat reliability and ease of maintenance." Weighing around nine kilograms per seat position, the SL3510 is more than five kilograms lighter than conventional seat models. The weight reduction was achieved without sacrifices in terms of seat quality, design or comfort. Recaro Aircraft Seating engineers focused specifically on the seat's ergonomic qualities. The non-adjustable backrest angle is set at 15 degrees and is configured for seating comfort. The netting in the aluminum frame adapts to the contour of the passenger's spine. Additionally the seat offers more legroom. Compared to the seats previously used by Air France, the SL3510 provides up to 7.5 centimeters more space in the knee and shin areas.

The Recaro SL3510 also offers advantages when it comes to environment-friendly operation. It weights 40 percent less than convention models and, according to information from Air France, enables the airline to save 1,700 tons of jet fuel each year and reduce CO2 emissions by 5,200 tons.

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