The lightweight SL3510 seat to premiere in the Asian growth market

Peach Aviation Limited opts for Recaro to expand its fleet

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany / OSAKA, Japan – Japanese airline Peach, a subsidiary of ANA Holdings (ANAHD), is increasing its fleet size and ordering the SL3510 from Recaro Aircraft Seating for 14 aircraft. The lightweight seat will be deployed for the first time in the Japanese market in early 2019 – in the Airbus A320 CEO and Airbus A320 NEO in the airline’s economy class.

Weighing close to nine kilograms, the SL3510 from Recaro Aircraft Seating is one of the lightest aircraft seats in its class. Designed and built in accordance with Recaro’s Ingenious Design approach, it supports the airline in terms of passenger comfort, economy and CO2 footprint. This exceptionally light economy class seat contributes to reducing aircraft weight and therefore fuel consumption. The seat’s ergonomic features, with a pre-defined inclination angle of 15 degrees and an adaptive backrest for the spine, provide passengers with an extremely comfortable sitting position. At the same time, the SL3510’s slim design and pre-recline ensure more space and freedom of movement. The reduction of components also makes the seat very maintenance-friendly and reliable for the airline.

“After a profound evaluation, our young team has decided to select the RECARO SL3510 for its impressively low weight, its design and comfort. Combined with the quality and performance Recaro is known for, it is the right product for our new aircraft, for our destinations and our customers,” says Shinichi Inoue, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Peach Aviation Limited.

Headquartered in Osaka, Peach currently operates 20 Airbus aircraft with 15 national and 14 international routes in Southeast and North Asia. The airline, which was founded in 2011, has a total passenger volume of more than 20 million and positions itself as a “Bridge for Asia”.

“We are pleased that our proven, sturdy SL3510 seat will soon be flying for the first time in the Japanese market with Peach Aviation. The fact that over 125,000 seats of this model have been sold worldwide confirms its significant benefits in terms of economy and reliability. At the same time, passengers can always look forward to experiencing a pleasant flight in this lightweight seat,” says Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating.

Our picture shows from left to right:
Yuko Sakaguchi, Manager of Cabin Crew, Peach Aviation
Yuna Morikawa, Branding Team, Peach Aviation
Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO and Shareholder, Recaro Aircraft Seating
Akina Nakamure, Manager of Cabin Crew, Peach Aviation
Irene Tan, General Manager Asia Pacific, Recaro Aircraft Seating
René Lux, Vice President Sales & Customer Service Asia Pacific, Recaro Aircraft Seating

Here you will find the related press release of our customer Peach Aviation Limited.

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