Shandong Airlines orders 6,000 seats for its new Boeing 737 MAX fleet

Expanded partnership with Recaro

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany, and JINAN, China. The Chinese airline Shandong Airlines is further expanding its collaboration with Recaro Aircraft Seating. The company has placed an order for 6,000 units of Recaro’s CL4400 and BL3530 seats, which it will use to outfit its 34 new shipsets of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This is the third collaboration with Recaro since 2013 when Shandong Airlines was the launch customer for the Recaro site in China.

Shandong Airlines, the first customer of Recaro’s production facility in Qingdao, is once again outfitting its new aircraft with seats from Recaro Aircraft Seating. The order for 6,000 units is divided into Recaro’s BL3530 model of economy class seat and the CL4400 model of business class seat. The order is valued at a two-digit million amount in euro.

Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating, is particularly proud of the new order from the company’s Chinese partner: “We are glad that we were able to further expand our collaboration with a key customer in the Chinese market. Our third collaboration since 2013 reflects the trust and high recognition of our brand and products. We are excited that we can further expand our good cooperation and partnership as two strong neighbors and brands in the Shandong province.”

In light of the airline’s ambitious goals, it is important to Xiu Jiang Sun, President of Shandong Airlines, that the company can rely on proven and experienced partners: “The satisfaction and well-being of our passengers on board is our most important success factor.”

The CL4400 model for the business class has already proven itself many times over on short-haul and medium-haul flights. The mechanical design stands out with a generously adjustable backrest and an individually adjustable headrest, among other features. The use of consoles instead of conventional armrests offers passengers more privacy. To provide passengers with a wide variety of in-flight entertainment programs, the seats can also be equipped with monitors if the customer so desires.

“Innovative connectivity solutions are one of the BL3530’s outstanding characteristics. They enable passengers to plug in and use their own electronic devices on board. With this option we responded early to a new market need,” said Dr. Mark Hiller.

In addition to the individual connectivity options above the clouds, the BL3530 also offers a more comfortable and user-friendly seating experience. The seat’s optimized design and low weight of slightly more than ten kilograms also offer the customer compelling benefits. The space-saving backrest facilitates an efficient use of the cabin with seat spacing between 28 and 34 inches. The low weight of the seat reduces fuel consumption, and the seat is guaranteed to be extremely maintenance friendly over its entire life cycle.

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