Seating experience – the next level

Recaro Aircraft Seating as partner at Lufthansa FlyingLab

BOSTON, USA/ MUNICH, Germany – The FlyingLab, Lufthansa’s open innovative platform, offered passengers the ability to experience and test state-of-the-art products and services while on board a Lufthansa aircraft. Recaro Aircraft Seating, a partner of the Lufthansa FlyingLab, gave insights into their solutions regarding intelligent seating, flexibility and customization.


Lufthansa took participants of the APEX Expo from Munich to Boston, where they enjoyed an exclusive inflight conference, set up only for this specific flight. Nearly 300 passengers listened to speakers who presented live during the flight. Passengers also had the opportunity to experience the latest in-flight technologies and connect with people involved in the industry.

After a gate event at the Munich Airport, the flight LH424 took off to Boston. The event was also streamed to personal devices, where passengers could follow the event and also interact with other flyers and the guest speakers.

Recaro Aircraft Seating had two representatives on board the flight: Klaus Steinmeyer, Vice President of Strategy, Products and Programs and Mónica F. Fischer, Director of Global Marketing and Communications. Klaus Steinmeyer was one of the six speakers on board the flight and showcased the next level of seating experience made by Recaro.

With the megatrends digitalization, individualization and customization as well as health and fitness, the aircraft seating industry faces many opportunities to improve the flying experience for passengers in the future.

Klaus Steinmeyer explained how next level seating is intelligent seating and meets the demands and expectations of airlines and passengers. A smart communication between passenger, seat and cabin with an interface to the crew and home base offers many solutions for airlines and passengers. The seat is able to predict maintenance, offering information about the passengers needs and behavior as well as reliable monitoring. With tailored seating solutions, which are reliable and durable and at the same time reflective of the airline brand, these need can be fulfilled.

Passengers can control their seat in a smart way, connect their personal devices and also have a low noise environment. With hygienic solutions for seat surfaces and personalized comfort, adaptable to temporary demands, passengers can work or relax and feel at home anywhere in the world.

New ideas for cabin concepts create new chances to optimize the space within the cabin.

"We are very proud to be part of this unique conference above the clouds. It is a great opportunity to display the innovational strength of our company. The Lufthansa FlyingLab is a really exciting idea and inspiration for all people who are passionate about flying, including myself," said Klaus Steinmeyer.

The passengers of Lufthansa FlyingLab were very impressed by the new innovations, amongst them reknown seat bloggers, journalists and experts of the industry.

"It is an honor to participate as Lufthansa’s partner in the FlyingLab," said Recaro Aircraft Seating CEO and Shareholder, Dr. Mark Hiller. "Together with the Lufthansa team, Recaro was able to provide new and valuable insights about the future of flying to all passengers involved in the cutting-edge experience."