Recaro equips Lufthansa A380 fleet

Recaro Aircraft Seating seats and components in all classes

Schwaebisch Hall/Hamburg, Germany. Lufthansa relies on Recaro Aircraft Seating: The aircraft seat developer and manufacturer supplies products for all three classes in the airline's new A380 fleet. Lufthansa has ordered a total of 15 A380 aircraft. Each of these planes will be equipped with 420 economy class seats, 98 business class seats and components for first class seats supplied by Recaro Aircraft Seating.

“Economy, business and first class: We are pleased to have such a full-scale presence on board the Lufthansa A380 fleet,” says Recaro Aircraft Seating CEO Axel Kahsnitz.

Lufthansa ordered Recaro Comfort Line 6510 seats for the A380 business class cabin. “This seat has the most versatile kinematics on the market,” Kahsnitz explains. “Our advanced actuation system lets passengers adjust the seat position according to their individual needs and enjoy optimum support.” Comfort is further enhanced by the seat's massage feature. Another benefit of the CL6510 is the fact that it maximizes available living space. Even in tight spaces, the “Lie Flat” seat can be extended to a bed length of up to 6.5 feet. The fixed privacy shell makes it possible to adjust the seat without disturbing neighboring passengers.

The actuation system developed by Recaro Aircraft Seating is also used in the A380 first class cabin. Featuring an innumerable variety of individualized options, the system enables passengers to adjust the seat's backrest, legrest, and headrest separately.

Recaro CL3510 seats provide added comfort and legroom in the economy class cabin. To ensure better ergonomics and optimized weight, the armrests, backrests, and other features of this standard Recaro long-range seat are specially adapted to meet Lufthansa specifications. Recaro engineers managed to increase legroom without changing seat pitch. An innovative netting material in the backrest significantly enhances comfort. Seat features include a modern, in-flight entertainment system.

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