Recaro CL5710 takes off on Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737MAX

Chinese Airline equip Boeing 737MAX with Recaro CL5710

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany / Shenzhen, China – Chinese Shenzhen Airlines ordered more than 300 CL5710 business class seats and 5500 economy class seats BL3530 from Recaro Aircraft Seating for their 37 Boeing 737MAX aircraft. Shenzhen’s first B737MAX took off on August 3rd, 2018.

The CL5710 is equipped by a Chinese airline for the first time. The business class seat offers high passenger comfort thanks to a lumbar support, an extendable legrest and various predefined seating positions. It is the only business class seat for short and medium-haul routes that is electrically adjustable and approved for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft.

Shenzhen Airlines also selected Recaro best selling BL3530 economy class seat which combines passenger comfort and lightweight design with intelligent solutions that simplify the handling of electronic devices. The BL3530 features storage and shelving space for tablets, smartphones or e-readers.

The route network of Shenzhen Airlines covers the largest cities in China as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.