RECARO Aircraft Seating Unveils New Seating Solution To Increase Cabin Efficiency On Airbus Aircraft

The first-of-its-kind overwing exit seat allows for an increased pax count while maintaining the 13-inch EASA & FAA requirement for passageway

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, GERMANY, JUNE 22, 2023 – RECARO Aircraft Seating (RECARO) unveils its newest seating solution to increase cabin efficiency on Airbus aircraft. The first-of-its-kind overwing exit seat, the X-Tend Seat, allows for an increased pax count while maintaining the 13-inch EASA & FAA requirement for passeway.

The X-Tend Seat targets short and mid-range economy cabin configurations for narrowbody Airbus aircraft. With an easy-to-use extended seat bottom, the X-Tend Seat offers passengers a premium seating experience while simultaneously increasing passenger efficiency throughout the cabin.

“The X-Tend Seat is an exciting addition to our competencies, as RECARO is committed to providing our customers with a valuable and innovative portfolio of seating solutions,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding. “This design collaboration with Airbus is unlike anything currently seen on the market and has been an important step in our partnership.”

With the X-Tend Seat, passenger capacity of an A320 will increase from 190 to 194 pax. This innovation optimizes cabin space and aligns with sustainability goals of airlines as it can efficiently reduce the number of flights an aircraft takes without sacrificing comfort for passengers.

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