RECARO Aircraft Seating receives additional orders to outfit Alaska Airlines’ new B737MAX aircraft with CL4710 and BL3530 seats

Deliveries of the aircraft with the CL4710 business class seats and the BL3530 economy class seats are slated to begin in July 2021

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, March 4,  2021 – Recaro Aircraft Seating has received additional orders to outfit Alaska Airlines’ (Alaska) new B737MAX aircraft with 13 shipsets of the CL4710 and BL3530 seats. Alaska is the first carrier to order more Boeing B737MAX aircraft after it was cleared by the FAA.

The BL3530 offers passengers premium comfort and innovative amenities, and its low weight appeals to customers because it contributes to reduced fuel consumption and minimizes the aircraft’s carbon footprint.

“I’m glad that Alaska has appreciated the quality of our robust CL4710 and BL3530 seats to select them on several different occasions. We are inspired by their mission to enhance the passenger journey while remaining committed to sustainable solutions,” said Mark Hiller, CEO and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating. “If 2020 proved anything, Recaro and Alaska both face challenges head-on, and we are privileged to have called them a partner for the past decade.”

Alaska was the original launch customer for the CL4710, which was designed specifically for domestic and shorter international flights. The award-winning business class seat is characterized by its unique level of comfort and functionality, as well as its flexible equipment options.

"Guests love our new seats. From the adjustable footrest and cup holder in first class, to the conveniently placed charging ports and tablet holder in the main cabin, there so many thoughtful details in the seat design for everyone,” said Amber Simonsen, Director of Product Development & Delivery at Alaska Airlines.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Alaska Airlines serves more than 115 destinations across the United States and North America.

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