Recaro Aircraft Seating celebrates contribution to air travel on World Tourism Day

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, September 26, 2019 – In celebration of World Tourism Day on September 27, Recaro Aircraft Seating highlights its contribution to global tourism. As a leader in both business and economy class seating Recaro has been driving comfort in the sky for nearly half a century. By focusing on constant innovation and combining lightweight design with high-quality standards, the global supplier of premium aircraft seats has helped make air travel more comfortable and more sustainable.

International tourist influxes worldwide have grown from 153 million international arrivals in 1980 – when World Tourism Day was first organized - to nearly 1.4 billion today.2 The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) expects the industry will continue to grow at an average of three percent annually until 2030. More affordable prices of transport, especially air transport, have played a big role in this growth as it makes tourism accessible for more people around the world. Given that role, it comes as no surprise that the volume of air travel has also expanded tenfold over the past 40 years.

This steep growth in number of airline passengers has led to a tremendous evolution and unseen innovations in the aviation industry. Aircraft look completely different now than they did 40 years ago, but so do aircraft seats. In celebration of World Tourism Day, premium aircraft seating manufacturer Recaro invites you on a trip down the memory lane of aircraft seating.

Comfort, lightweight design and premium quality have always been Recaro’s trademarks, but the look and feel of both their economy and business class seats could not have changed

Economy class: more legroom and ergonomics
As the global leader in economy class seating, one in three passengers traveling in that segment, sits in a Recaro seat. That is why Recaro places high emphasize on passenger comfort in economy class. With innovations and patents in place for nearly every element of economy, Recaro pretty much owns comfort in that class. Over 130 Recaro comfort innovations have led to patent application in the last 10 years. The high literature pocket - leaving more leg room - and the award-winning comfort features of the CL3710 allowing economy passengers to sleep more comfortably, are some of the best-known and most lauded ecaro innovations.

Business Class: increased privacy and individualization
Compared to the first-class seats of the eighties and nineties, current day business class seats offer passengers much more privacy. With increased living space and the option to equip seats with sliding doors, the all-new Recaro CL6710NG business class seat creates a mini-suite atmosphere. Passengers can easily personalize their seating experience above the clouds through individually adjustable settings. Optimized seat kinematics and cushion comfort furthermore offer an ergonomically-superior experience if you compare this seat to its older siblings.

Increased focus on sustainability
As the demand for air travel continues to grow, Recaro is committed to investing in innovative solutions that promote sustainability. That is why Recaro has invested in research to develop lighter seats with longer life cycles. Over the years, Recaro has set quite a few benchmarks for lightweight aircraft seats, both in economy and business class. Through innovative changes to the seat cushion, the seat pan and the seat structure itself, it achieved major weight reductions, while maintaining to drive comfort in the sky for all passengers.