Recaro Aircraft Seating and jetlite are first to introduce innovative concept for individualized Human Centric Lighting

Individualized Human Centric Lighting helps passengers combat jetlag and arrive at their destination ready to perform

AIX, Hamburg, Germany, 2 April 2019 – Today Recaro Aircraft Seating, a global supplier of premium aircraft seats, and German start-up jetlite unveiled their innovative concept for individualized Human Centric Lighting for business class seats. jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting can support the inner clock of passengers and thus reduce the effects of jetlag. Up until today it was available only as a cabin lighting solution. Through this exclusive partnership with jetlite, Recaro is the only seat manufacturer worldwide to explore the potential of individualized Human Centric Lighting integrated into business class seats.

In 2017 German start-up jetlite launched its solution to defeat jetlag. It is based on a scientific algorithm focused on optimizing aircraft cabin lighting with respect to flight route, direction, duration and overflown time zones on long-haul flights to suit human biorhythms.
Until today, jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting solution was only available for the cabin lighting. Recaro and jetlite are collaborating to make this concept available as a personally operable feature by integrating it into each business class seat and introducing individualized Human Centric Lighting.
Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating: “We are working hard to soon make jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting concept available as an individual feature integrable in business class seats. Once launched into the market, it will provide airlines with a point of real differentiation against the competition. At the same time, it will improve passenger comfort and hence contribute to greater customer retention.”
“A couple of years ago we developed our scientifically proven jetlite algorithm to battle jetlag,” says Dr. Achim Leder, CEO of jetlite. “Lufthansa’s implementation of the technology as a cabin lighting solution in its A350-fleet was a big step forward for the company. Our system, however, truly comes into its own when it is integrated into each individual seat. That is exactly what the collaboration with Recaro is about: to develop a truly bespoke lighting experience tailored to each passenger.”
Bespoke lighting experience to reduce jetlag
jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting solution supports the sleep-wake cycle of passengers: by correctly adjusting the color, intensity, timing and direction of light during a long-haul flight. This can either encourage relaxation or stimulation at the optimal time and hence decrease the effects of jetlag. As sleep-wake cycles differ from one person to another, Human Centric Lighting has the most effect when it can be adapted individually. Recaro and jetlite have enabled this: by making Human Centric Lighting part of the light features integrated into each seat, enabling the individual adjustment of the light sequence for each passenger based on the activities this passenger has planned during and after the flight. The result: a truly bespoke lighting plan, unique to each passenger, which controls the output of multiple lights in and around the seat.
How it works
Passengers fill out a brief questionnaire upon boarding the plane so jetlite can determine their chronotype – a categorization of their inner-clock based on sleep behavior – and how much they would like to sleep during the flight as well as the travel objective. This data is complemented with variables like flight route, direction and time zones crossed to establish an individualized lighting plan for that passenger. To put it simply, warm light with a higher red component will be deployed during periods passengers say they want to relax, while cooler light with a higher blue component will provide stimulation during the phases of the journey, they want to be more active.
Airliners can opt to integrate the jetlite software into their mobile apps, so customers can complete the questionnaire before they even get to the airport. The data can easily be stored to avoid frequent flyers having to provide it every time they fly.
Sixty percent of all passengers on long-haul flights report to suffer from jetlag so a remedy is very welcome, especially for frequent flyers. Toni Garrn, globally renowned super model and actress, frequent flyer and co-founder of jetlite, takes over 80 long distance flights per year and can’t wait for individualized Human Centric Lighting to be available in aircraft: “People often joke about getting their ‘beauty sleep’,” she says. “But when you’re a model, looking and feeling fresh is very serious business. When I arrive at my destination, I need to be ready to perform. Individualized Human Centric Lighting in business class adjusted to my own sleep pattern and needs will help me achieve that.”
Implementation & availability
Recaro goes to great lengths to involve customers as early as possible in every project, testing extensively and placing special emphasis on customer orientation. To receive as much customer feedback as possible, the company showcased the capabilities of jetlite at AIX 2019. Next steps in implementation and availability will be determined based on that feedback.