RECARO Aircraft Seating And Embraer Ink Deal To Develop A Supplier Furnished Equipment Catalogue Of Seats For E1 And E2 Aircraft

SFE catalogue will include the bestselling BL3710 and SL3710 economy class seats

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, June 20, 2023 – RECARO Aircraft Seating (RECARO) and Embraer inked a deal to develop a Supplier Furnished Equipment (SFE) catalogue of seats for E1 and E2 aircraft. The SFE catalogue will include the bestselling BL3710 and SL3710 economy class seats, and will be available for linefit and retrofit configurations.

Development of the SFE catalogue will kick off in Q3 2023. Seats will become eligible for offers in mid-2024. Airlines and lessors with short lead times will benefit from the catalogue’s pre-certified seats and quick turnaround time.

“Embraer choosing RECARO to provide seats for the catalogue is a nod to our strong partnership and how well our high-quality products work together to elevate the passenger experience,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding. “Our entrance into the regional jet market has generated great feedback and our seats now being featured in an SFE catalogue will help us take our customer support to the next level.” 

Embraer’s customers will have access to distinguished RECARO heritage focused on seat ergonomics, reliability and low weight, guaranteeing comfortable journeys to passengers and best operational cost to airlines.

The RECARO catalogue will be based on BL3710 and SL3710 seats, two best-selling RECARO products tailored to short and mid-range flights. BL3710 comes with a variety of optional features, including in-seat power supply system (ISPSS), tablet holder, unique six-way headrest and a  maximum 5-inch recline. SL3710 will feature options for ISPSS and two backrest angles. Different plastic colors are also available in combination with a spectrum of dress cover colors.

“Joining forces with RECARO Aircraft Seating means Embraer can offer more alternatives to our customers, making our products even more attractive,” said Roberto Chaves, Chief Procurement Officer at Embraer. “This collaboration reinforces our commitment to enhancing the passenger experience and delivering unparalleled value to our clients. The Recaro seats add another dimension to our interiors, more choice and less weight for our customers, and more comfort and amenities for their passengers.”

“While the Qantas A350 will have a high percentage of premium seats onboard, most customers will travel in the Premium Economy and Economy cabins so maximising comfort and wellbeing across all cabins was a priority,” said Qantas Group Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce. “Economy travellers will have an OLED 13” TV screen, foot net and convenient storage space within arms’ reach to store glasses and personal items. The team has spent extensive time testing ergonomics, lumbar support and breathability of the seat fabrics in the new Economy seat which will have 33 inches of legroom.”

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Qantas is one of the oldest continuously operating airlines in the world, first launching flights in outback Australia in 1920 with one biplane. Today, the “Spirit of Australia” flies more than 20 million passengers to 95 destinations around the world and throughout Australia on its fleet of over 200  aircraft.

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