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AIX 2018: New BL3710 economy class seat from Recaro

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany – Recaro Aircraft Seating is launching an innovation for short- and medium-haul flights with its new BL3710 aircraft seat. Combining weight optimization, ergonomic design and comfort, this seat sets an all-new standard in the economy class.

The new BL3710 economy class seat from Recaro Aircraft Seating sets itself apart with an ideal balance between lightweight design and comfort. It weighs under ten kilograms and fully meets Recaro’s exacting quality standard. The BL3710 enables airlines to offer their customers outstanding comfort and to benefit from economic efficiency.

With numerous equipment options, the seat can be adapted to individual airline requirements. A tablet holder and various comfort features are available with the BL3710, enabling the aircraft seat to be deployed for both short- and medium-haul routes.

The expertise and most recent research results carried out by the company’s ergonomics team were incorporated into the development of the new seat. The product and its functions were tested with people of different statures in order to ideally meet all requirements for individual comfort.

One innovative feature is the neck support which is part of the six-way adjustable headrest and can be ideally adjusted to passengers of different sizes. The high literature pocket, which is positioned above the tray-table, enables more space for the legs. It can be supplemented with an additional mesh pocket that holds important personal items such as a mobile phone or passport. Passengers can charge their mobile devices via the integrated USB power supply and secure them in the tablet holder. Especially practical is the fact that the tray-table can be folded out even when the tablet holder is in use. A cup holder can also be integrated into the seat.

With the BL3710, Recaro has transferred the wealth of experience it acquired with the CL3710 economy class long-distance seat – sold over 250,000 times – to short- and medium-haul routes. It represents the next generation of the very successful BL3530 economy class seat, which has been delivered to more than 60 different customers worldwide.

The first delivery of the BL3710 took place in the first quarter of this year, and so far customers are very impressed with the new seat.

“Our passion for flying is what drives us to pursue ongoing development of seats for the economy class cabin,” says Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “With the new BL3710, we are offering our customers a lightweight, reliable product for short- and medium-haul flights. The seat embodies Recaro’s high quality standards and design principles, while setting a new benchmark in this class.”

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