IAG orders SL3510

Recaro’s light-weight seat for European short-haul A320neo and A321neo Aircraft

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany and LONDON. British Airways and Iberia, two airlines of International Airlines Group (IAG), have once again chosen Recaro Aircraft Seating, the global market leader for economy class seats, ordering 9,000 units of the lightweight SL3510 model. The extremely comfortable seats will be installed on the two European airlines’ new Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft and are scheduled for delivery in early 2018.

British Airways and Iberia once again opted for premium quality “made by Recaro,” ordering approximately 9,000 units of the SL3510 economy class seat. The Recaro seats will fly on board British Airways’ and Iberia’s new, fuel-efficient Airbus A320neo and A321neo short-haul aircraft. In addition, the existing Iberia A320ceo aircraft will be retro-fitted with Recaro’s SL3510 seats.

“We particularly need world-class aircraft seats that are utterly reliable and robust, yet also light and easy to maintain, for our extremely busy short-haul flights within Europe. The SL3510 model from Recaro fulfills all of our expectations and offers our demanding customers an outstanding level of comfort,” said Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO of British Airways. “Recaro is a premium seating manufacturer and partner that offers outstanding customer service and optimum delivery times.”

Luis Gallego, Chairman and CEO of Iberia, said: “We are especially proud of the balance between comfort and economy achieved by the new Recaro SL3510 seats. The design makes the seats incredibly comfortable, while freeing up extra legroom for all our passengers. They are also lighter in weight, which translates into greater fuel economy and cleaner skies.”

Recaro´s Light-Weight Model – The Innovative SL3510

Weighing in at only nine kilograms per seat, the SL3510 is the perfect light-weight model for the economy class. Installing these seats from Recaro will make the aircraft considerably lighter and helps save fuel and cut CO2 emissions. Specific customer requirements are met with regard to efficiency while at the same time improving seating comfort for the passengers. The SL3510’s ergonomic characteristics are tailored perfectly to the passengers’ seating needs. The innovative seat covering also adapts optimally to the passenger’s spine further enhancing passenger comfort. In addition, the backrest – thanks to its slim design – provides the passenger with increased legroom and enhanced personal living space.

“With its innovative and both environmentally and economically attractive characteristics, the award-winning SL3510 sets global standards and is one of the best seats in its class. Which makes me all the more pleased that IAG, which sets the benchmark in the market, has opted for our solution,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “Installing these light-weight seats makes ideal use of the space in the aircraft cabin. As a result, both airlines offer their passengers attractive benefits in the highly competitive short-haul market and can simultaneously operate in an extremely efficient manner.”

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