Hotel feeling in the sky: the new Recaro CL6710

Efficiency complements premium comfort

Schwaebisch Hall/Hamburg, Germany. Recaro Aircraft Seating is presenting its new CL6710 business class seat for long-haul flights at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 in Hamburg. The seat invites passengers to relax and enjoy a comfortable journey above the clouds. The innovative Recaro product generation is now ready for boarding.

“The new product generation for the business class segment is 100 percent Recaro,” says Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “The CL6710 embodies our strengths – the combination of comfort, ingenious design, quality, and lightweight design and – thanks to its efficiency – meets future market requirements.”

The new CL6710 from Recaro Aircraft Seating is a 180-degree full flat-bed seat. It combines high comfort with the possibility of a high density cabin. It has excellent living space, direct aisle access, and a variety of stowage opportunities. Furthermore, it features low weight without compromising passenger comfort. “The Recaro CL6710 is unique in that it sets new standards by combining all these factors in one seat”, explains Mark Hiller.

The efficiency of the CL6710 can be measured in figures. The ratio 1 to 1.8 is Recaro’s formula for success. The key number reflects the ratio of pitch to bed length in the new business class seat CL6710. With a seat pitch of 46 inches, Recaro can provide a bed length of up to 82 inches – and thus makes optimal use of the available space. In this way Recaro creates a win-win-situation for passengers who enjoy maximum living space, as well as for airlines who can use their cabins efficiently.

Efficiency can also be measured in kilograms. The CL6710 reaches a weight of just 80 kilograms depending on aircraft type, layout and individual configuration. The seat design bases on innovative lightweight materials. The reduced complexity of the overall seat design also saves weight.

Recaro complements efficiency with premium comfort. In the new CL6710 passengers travel in their own compartment-like area, which offers excellent living space, a high degree of privacy and direct aisle access. Both in terms of the length and width as well as its positions, the seat itself provides great comfort. The relax position is remarkable: The seat pan articulates in an ideal, pre-defined angle with the seat motion to support the passenger’s body.

“The full flat bed, particularly wide in the shoulder and waist area and with a generous footwell, invites the passenger to stretch out and relax, while the seat shell protects them from disturbances in the aisle”, explains René Dankwerth, Vice President Research and Development. A six-way headrest provides ideal neck support, even while wearing headphones. The individually adjustable legrest also contributes to comfort and a pleasant sitting position. Comfortable cushions are especially designed for optimal body support on longrange flights.

A large one piece table is offered for each passenger for working and dining. Recaro engineers focused on an easy and intuitive adjustment of the dining table as well as the monitor. The passenger can even exit the seat while the dining table is in use. In addition, a large, convenient side table is offered to each passenger for quickly depositing books or laptops, for example. Furthermore, Recaro’s new business class provides numerous storage areas and compartments for travelers’ personal belongings. The multi-purpose top stowage provides space for various items including water bottles, laptops, tablets, headphones as well as magazines and safety cards. In the lower part of the seat, each passenger can securely stow shoes during the flight.

For the design of its new product generation, Recaro was inspired by contemporary interior design in hotels, clubs and lounges. Exclusive materials such as leather and fabric seat covers, clear lines and contours emphasize the visual comfort and the premium quality of the CL6710. Unobtrusive mood lights enhance the passenger’s flight experience. They also illuminate stowage and the seat’s ottoman area. With its light cone, the integrated flush reading light provides ideal lighting for eating, working, or reading in all seating positions.

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