Everybody wins with the Hygienic Seat

Recaro honored with German Innovation Award

Berlin, GERMANY – Recaro Aircraft Seating wins the German Innovation Award for its Hygienic Seat. Antibacterial substances within the seat offer passengers increased protection from bacteria. The new award, which puts product innovations in the spotlight, was presented on June 6, 2018 in Berlin.

The German Innovation Award honors innovations with lasting effects. The Hygienic Seat of Recaro convinced the independent, interdisciplinary jury, which consists of high level representatives from businesses, science and finance.

The Hygienic Seat is a highly innovative concept which adds real value, including active substances in hygienic coatings on the frequently touched plastic parts of Recaro seats. This offers passengers increased protection from bacteria.

Although the environmental system of an aircraft already filters most germs, a less bacteria-friendly material environment could further support the risk reduction of infectious disease transmission, according to a scientific investigation by Alexandra Mangili and Mark A. Gendreau. With a focus on the survival of pathogens on airplane cabin surfaces, Kiril Vaglenov from Auburn University concluded that E. coli bacteria survived 96 hours on arm rests. With this in mind, the Recaro team started to further evolve a solution to provide passengers with added safety and comfort. The result is convincing: Specially coated surfaces with active substances against bacterial infestation on the frequently touched parts of Recaro aircraft seats.

Recaro is in discussions with multiple customers regarding the solution as it is very dependent on each customized program being produced. Recaro plans to  launch the solution within the next 1-2 years.

“We are honored to receive this award. It shows that we are a clear step ahead meeting the needs of different markets with creative ideas and innovative products,” said Joachim Ley, Executive Vice President Supply Chain of Recaro Aircraft Seating, during the ceremony in Berlin. “We are highly motivated to further develop our hygienic technology to offer passengers added safety and comfort. We combine significant added value for both airlines and their passengers in terms of comfort and efficiency.”

As a new award, the German Innovation Award puts the focus primarily on the product user. Nominated innovations should have a positive impact on the future. The award also distinguishes cross-industry products and solutions that differ from previous solutions in terms of user orientation and added value.

The award is hosted by the German Design Council, a well known institution founded by the German Bundestag and donated by German industry organizations. The German Design Council is committed to the competitiveness of companies. Since 1953, competitions hosted by the German Design Council have distinguished design, brand and innovation achievements of international standing.


Our picture shows from left to right: Marc Schmidt (Materials Engineer, Recaro Aircraft Seating), Joachim Ley (Executive Vice President Supply Chain, Recaro Aircraft Seating)

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