Enhanced hygiene and cleanliness in aircraft cabins with Recaro seats

Health-oriented innovation

SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany. Aircraft seat manufacturer Recaro Aircraft Seating is setting new standards in aircraft cabins when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Specially coated surfaces on the frequently touched plastic and metal parts of folding tables, arm rests and seat backs offer increased protection for passengers from germs and bacteria. Cleaning the seats takes less time and effort.

Summertime is travel season. Every year, more than 80 million German travelers in Europe fly to their worldwide vacation destinations. With this in mind, cleanliness and hygiene on board an aircraft are playing an important and serious role for both passengers and airlines. Every traveler is looking forward to a tidy, appealing and properly cleaned seat for a relaxed time on board. Airlines want satisfied customers who feel comfortable on board and in their seats.

“The special plastic surfaces and metal parts of our Recaro aircraft seats offer very good protection from soiling, providing passengers with added safety and comfort,” says René Dankwerth, member of the executive team and responsible for the department Research and Development. “On request, we equip our seats with an easy-to-clean surface, that makes it even easier for airlines and the cleaning crew in an aircraft to keep the cabin and seats sanitary. Furthermore, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of the coating, germs disappear within a short time. With our aircraft seats, we want to support our airlines in presenting themselves as the perfect hosts for travelers. And this, of course, applies to all classes, whether economy, premium economy or business class seats from Recaro.”

Scientific studies (e.g., from Kiril Vaglenoc, Auburn University, USA) conclude that the degree of cleanliness in aircraft cabins does not significantly differ from that in other public places, such as theaters or cinemas. Nonetheless, airplane passengers can achieve even better protection with simple measures: using sanitizers and small cleaning wipes can further increase the cleanliness at their seat and in their immediate surroundings. In addition, washing hands regularly serves as personal protection. This way, travelers experience a safe and relaxing flight aboard their aircraft.

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