Eighth Global Supplier Conference at Recaro Poland

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SCHWAEBISCH HALL, Germany / SWIEBODZIN, Poland. On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Recaro plant in Poland, the company hosted its eighth Global Supplier Conference with over 150 participants from around the world. Recaro Aircraft Seating has been implementing its Lean strategy consistently for many years and honored four of its top suppliers with its Supplier Awards.

The company Recaro Aircraft Seating welcomed more than 150 guests to its eighth “Global Supplier Conference” on the occasion of its 10-year anniversary on July 7, 2016.

“Together with our suppliers, we have been implementing our Lean strategy for many years which significantly contributes to our company’s success,” says Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating. “Not only does this improve our value chain; we also develop state-of-the-art and sustainable relationships with our suppliers that secure a high degree of flexibility and quality.”

As a premium provider of aircraft seats, the company from Schwaebisch Hall maintains close partnerships with its suppliers that meet Recaro’s high standards. The reduction of delivery times, the continuous improvement of cost management as well as ensuring a consistently high quality of the parts manufacturing and material sourcing require a high degree of discipline from all partners.

“With our global Recaro network of production sites and supplier relationships, we achieve a cost-effectiveness especially in Swiebodzin that meets our high demands and provides security for our production,” explains Joachim Ley, Executive Vice President Supply Chain, Recaro Aircraft Seating.

Awards for the top four suppliers

At the eighth Global Supplier Conference, Recaro Aircraft Seating honored four companies with the Recaro Supplier Awards. In the category “production materials,” the company Reinhard Bretthauer GmbH, a specialist for plastics engineering, was awarded for its outstanding performance in production, quality assurance and delivery times.

The Panorama Catering company received an award in the “non-production materials” category for its consistently good performance and high standards as long-term Recaro catering partner.

In addition, Shenzhen Jinming Aerospace Technology Co. LTD received a Supplier Award for its one-hundred-percent on-time delivery, as did the Alu Menziken Euromotive company from Switzerland for its capacity expansion and exemplary collaboration with Recaro.

“Ingenious Design,” growth and process optimization

With its worldwide network of suppliers and its production sites in Poland, the U.S. and China, Recaro Aircraft Seating has achieved a high reliability of processes and impressive quality in manufacturing. It was a goal to manufacture all seat models of the portfolio at all Recaro sites to avoid possible production shortages.

“Only with a lean company, optimized processes and short production cycles can we realize our growth strategy for the next years and meet the high demand for our products in the international market. Hence, we are even the more delighted to have paramount suppliers by our side that perfectly fulfill these changing needs so that we can successfully master all challenges in the future,” explains Dr. Mark Hiller in regards to the meeting with the decision-makers at the eighth Recaro Global Supplier Conference and the ten-year anniversary in Poland.  

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