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Procurement Professional Award for Recaro Aircraft Seating and Qantas Airways

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany/Melbourne Australia. Recaro Aircraft Seating and Qantas Airways have been awarded for their joint procurement efforts. The Procurement Professional Award was presented to the two companies by the international Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Australasia (CIPSA) in October 2009. The award honors an exemplary supplier partnership, which is particularly important in economically difficult times.

"After receiving three awards in 2009 for our engineering and design work, we are especially pleased to be honored with an award that recognizes the economic aspects – particularly the achievements of our Purchasing, Sales, Project Management and After-Sales departments," explains Dr. Holger Friehmelt, Product Manager. "Recaro Aircraft Seating excels not only in terms of engineering and quality. We are also characterized by the way we look at our products from the customer's perspective. We keep a close eye on the commercial side and strive for long-term improvements in the financial situation."

Recaro analyzed the total cost of ownership of its CL3610 and PL3510 economy class seats for Qantas Airways and identified cost drivers as well as indirect costs. Working together with the airline, the aircraft seat engineer and manufacturer developed and implemented a program of measures to make the products ore cost efficient across the entire lifecycle. "Our joint efforts resulted in a win-win situation with added profitability for both sides," Friehmelt says in summary.

The situation convinced CIPSA, the international association for Materials Management, Procurement and Logistics. "The award by this peak professional body further recognizes and reinforces the strength and success of the relationship between our two companies,” commented Allan Nelmes, Manager Seats at Qantas Airways. "Although the award is issued specifically to Procurement professions, our wider organizations collectively contribute to delivering upon the success of this model and ensure the strength of the partnership through their actions each and every day."

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