Trust through safety

We make no compromises when it comes to safety. That is why protecting people is a top priority at RECARO. Our solutions regularly exceed required standards and equally impress airlines, parents, and motorsport professionals.

Striving for maximum safety for our customers sharpens our eyes for even the tiniest details. From the cleverly designed cushion pads in the Pro Racer Ultima 1.0 racing seat to the individually adjustable features on our child seats.

In 2014, the German consumer protection foundation Stiftung Warentest gave the RECARO Privia baby carrier the overall mark of 1.3 ― the best rating it has ever given for a child seat.

The RECARO Guardia is the successor of the best infant shell ever made.

Based on a proven example from nature, our seats surround and stabilize the human body like a protective cocoon — for additional support with outstanding comfort.

We are continuously improving our solutions, which have been tried and tested for decades. Our advanced knowledge in the aviation and automotive industries also influences the development of our child safety products.

We value simple handling and intuitive operation. This ensures that you use our products correctly, and you can feel completely safe — whether on a flight to your vacation destination, on a stroll with your children, or on your daily drive to work.

Every employee and every business division at RECARO is aware of their responsibility regarding your safety in everything they do.

This is Safety that you can trust.


RECARO has been doing pioneering work for over 100 years. Traditionally different, fundamentally innovative, and always improving.

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Ingenious Design

Ingenious Design is more than just good looks. It means the inseparable combination of functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

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