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RECARO PL3530 Premium Economy Class seat

RECARO PL3530 Premium Economy Class seat

With its ergonomic shape, and generous and flexible equipment options, the RECARO PL3530 sets new standards for comfort and functionality in the premium economy class. Among other things, a new, individually adjustable calf rest and additional storage compartments contribute to passenger wellbeing.

More about the RECARO PL3530’s equipment options

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PL3530 equipment options

  • Calf rest
  • Legrest with integrated footbar
  • Cocktail table
  • 6-way adjustable headrest
  • Recline of the backrest up to 8 inches
  • Various storage compartments


Just sit back and relax

Long-haul passengers will immediately notice that the RECARO PL3530 does not compromise on wellbeing. The relax position is extremely comfortable and allows a pleasantly relaxed sitting position – thanks to the up to 8-inch reclining backrest. Even with the longer and wider calf rest, which is unique in this segment, airlines are bringing business class comfort to their premium economy cabin. The calf rest is individually adjustable, which is a significant plus especially for taller passengers. The center console’s armrest can be comfortably shared by two people. Additionally, passengers can customize their headrest.

On long-haul flights, comfortable seating and wellbeing are of great importance to passengers. The RECARO PL3510 aircraft seat also offers several innovations that make working above the clouds as comfortable as possible. These include the large tray-table and additional storage space. Thanks to its advanced design, the tray-table does not have to be completely stowed for passengers to be able to get up while the food is still on the table. Another special feature is the elegant integration of the screen (up to 13 inches), which can be operated easily and intuitively with the Passenger Control Unit (PCU). The PCU is integrated into the design of the seat, as well as the power supply for PCs and a USB port.

The RECARO PL3530 is compelling for airlines that want to provide their passengers a new level of comfort in the premium economy class. After all, when the passengers feel comfortable, they will likely book again with the same airline.

Are you interested in our PL3530? Here you will find the right contact person.