Aircraft seats for the Economy Class

Made by RECARO

Economical and comfortable.

Light weight in the foreground.

The current trend is pointing in one direction: To reduce fuel consumption, airlines are looking for more ways to reduce weight in aircraft interiors. This is especially true in the case of Economy Class Seats.

However, successful seating concepts call for much more than low weight alone. Comfort and living space also play a decisive role.

Aircraft seats from RECARO Aircraft Seating also distinguish themselves with their outstanding quality and innovative design. A special focus is always placed on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the seats throughout their entire lifecycle.

Weight reduction, use of the latest materials and intelligent design: our Economy Class Seats help airlines save on kerosene and therefore fly more ecologically.

RECARO Aircraft Seating offers custom-tailored solutions for both the Economy and Premium Economy Classes. This has made us the world leader in Economy Class Seats.


The efficiency performer

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The lightweight for short-haul routes

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Our bestseller for short and medium-haul routes

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Lightweight innovation

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The new dimension

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Premium standard in the Economy Class

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