RECARO R1 Economy Class seat

RECARO R1 Economy Class seat


The R1 is our latest and lightest member of economy class seats. With a weight of ~8 kg (17.6 lb.), the R1 sets an unparalleled benchmark in the aircraft seating industry today.

The efficiency of the R1 comes with various benefits for the airlines: Due to less moveable parts it is both highly reliable and cost-effective, lowering the fuel costs per aircraft with its reduced weight and leading to an optimized TCO.

All in all, the new R1 embodies ingenious design, state-of-the-art quality and is the next chapter of the award-winning product line.

RECARO always focuses on various customer needs and market segments – therefore special weight-focused configurations lower than 8 kg are possible.

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R1 key facts

  • Benchmark weight: R1 offers lowest weight in its category
  • Maximum comfort: ergonomically optimized seat design
  • Designed for market needs with modular customization options


Efficiency Performer

Compared to its predecessor, the weight of the new R1 is reduced by 1 kg. The 8kg lightweight constructions sets a new benchmark in the market. The seats’ reduced weight comes with positive effects on the TCO for the airlines, too. On average, every aircraft can save up to several thousand euros in fuel costs per year.

In terms of design, the clear focus on efficiency strikes again. Due to less fragile parts the R1 is highly reliable and the perfect embodiment of our claim on premium quality products in the sky.

By improving the award-winning design and the ergonomics of its predecessor, the new R1 puts comfort on a next level. The RECARO backrest concept enables the seat to adopt to various body shapes and pays tribute to individual customer’s needs. Therefore, high comfort is possible even at low pitches.

Another aspect of this Efficiency Performer is the communality of spare parts with the R1 that makes maintenance easier and decreases recurring costs for the airlines. Besides shared components due to its slim design the R1 enables high density layouts and provides a fixed personal space to passengers at the same time. In addition, airlines have the option to adjust the backrest angle of each seat, providing more comfort.

Are you interested in our R1? Here you will find the right contact person.