Business Class

Front Row Monument

Business Class Front Row Monument

Business Class Front Row Monument

Installed at the front of the cabin, the front row monuments for the R7 business class seat create a luxurious atmosphere for business class passengers and provide plenty of stowage possibilities

A customized part of the cabin, the front row monument can be configured to optimize aisle space, offer more stowage for crews or passengers, or provide extra privacy. Monument can even be adjusted so a baby bassinet can be integrated.

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Front Row Monument highlights

  • Front Row Monument concepts to achieve best Layout Efficiency in the Business Class Cabin
  • High-class trim&finish and feature options (incl. Business class plus-option)
  • Use of Composite for high lightweight design
  • Customized Monument sizes possible: seat, full-height and under-bin size
  • Monuments with sliding doors for a mini-suite experience
  • In-house competence on Front Row Monument Design & Development
  • Own Front Row Monuments production

Front Row Monument

Where efficiency meets flexibility

RECARO front row monuments are uniquely built around the needs of the customer, whether that be expanded stowage compartments for crew, or integrated IFE systems for passengers. RECARO builds all front row monuments in-house, which maximizes customization options for customers.

To give airlines cabin flexibility even in business class, RECARO offers the Business Class Plus product. A step above the rest of the business class cabin, Business Class Plus can give passengers in the front row a more enhanced and private experience with the help from our versatile front row solutions.  

The composite materials used in the monument structure are the same as in the R7 seat. This conscious decision minimizes extra weight, ensures cabin layout efficiency, and supports sustainability goals of both RECARO and our customers.

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